About Louise

Louise M. Mitchell is an author, shaman, and spirit life coach. Her Spirit name is Laughing Waters and she teaches that laughter is the natural state of being with joy bubbling up. With nature as her inspiration and connection to the Universe, the Elders of the Hoop are one of her channeled entities. Her work contributes to the awakening, balancing, and healing of humanity. Grounded in Native American traditions of shamanism, Louise facilitates shield making retreats for individuals and groups. She also facilitates meditation and writing retreats.

Her book titles include Feet Upon the Earth, the story of her awakening—discovering Spirit Guides, deepening the relationship with nature, and reliving and healing the influence of numerous past lives. The suffering of lifetimes can hide the true joy of our existence until the past is healed. Rain Makes the Rocks Sing is a book and deck of cards that captures the voice of wisdom in nature, which is available to all who listen. The voice is always wise, helpful, insightful, and often humorous.

After living in the Colorado Rockies immersed in nature for seven years, she relocated to the Charlottesville, Virginia area in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains where she is completing a fictional shamanic trilogy for future publication.