Allow Your Gifts to Flow

Stone 4: Eagle Rock

Excerpted from my book, Rain Makes the Rocks Sing, Inspirations from Nature.

Venturing deep into your relationship with nature, you can discover the Earth singing for you! Indeed, technology and media are good sources of information. So, too is the web of wisdom woven through nature.


This stone feels cold in my hand and emanates vibrations that tingle across my body. He says:

Each moment is a mental choice—to struggle or flow. Struggle or flow.

I notice the shape of an eagle soaring on the back of this stone and a heart shape in relief on the front, making it resemble a two-sided ink stamp. The wings of the eagle on the back mirror the two lobes of the heart on the front.

Develop the heart of an eagle, he continues. Get a higher perspective and give up your addiction to struggling. Let go and allow your gifts to flow.

Do not be fooled by ideas of limitation and weakness or fears of excellence and failure—and everything in between. Relax that knot in your stomach. My message is peace.

This message is so poignant that I struggle with facing its truth and wisdom! Ah, I have been discovered and am being pushed to get above my limiting thoughts and fears. Eagle Rock concludes:

Ease is the way out of struggle. Surrender to ease and you will be home, wherever you go.

The Inspiration: Soar with the heart of an eagle. It is all so easy! Elevate your perspective. Elevate your existence. Trust the thermals to carry you to your destination and soar.


–May the music and voices of the stones awaken the Light within and fill you with joy.



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