Connecting Is the Art of Being


Nature has wisdom for those who listen.


Connections says:

Connections says, Everything is about how you connect—with loved ones, difficult situations and challenges, the higher self, physicality, the weather and environment, fear and anger, peace and tranquility, and health and wealth. Be like a bird perched on a wire examining the lay of the land below. From a higher perspective, place yourself at the center where you can simply be and everything else simply is.

Connections’ Inspiration:

There is no need for an emotional roller coaster ride through life, when it can be smooth sailing. Avoid the storms on the horizon and steer yourself into your tranquil inner waters. Empower your position so all things are handled smoothly and all connections are positive from your end. From this place, relax your defenses and over-stimulated mind. Be safe and assured in all situations. Connecting is the art of being.

Excerpted from the book Rain Makes the Rocks Sing, Inspirations from Nature by Louise M. Mitchell.


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