Do I Use a Fork or a Spoon?


Blueberry Peach Cake

When my husband came home yesterday with three gorgeous, ripe peaches that just had to be juicy inside, this recipe for Blueberry Peach Cake came to mind. My love affair with blueberries has been in full swing for a number of weeks already. When peaches and blueberries are ripe together, it is time to bake!

The chosen recipe was Blueberry Peach Cake from the book Spring Evenings, Summer Afternoon, A Collection of Warm-Weather Recipes by Barbara Scott-Goodman with Mary Goodbody (

On vacation on Ocracoke Island several decades ago, this cookbook jumped into my hands at a souvenir shop. It has survived “downsizing” of possessions for a relocation from Maryland to Colorado and another move from Colorado to Virginia. Wherever I go, so goes this recipe. Each time I make it, the only question is, Do I want to eat it with a fork or a spoon? Usually, I choose spoon.

As the author writes, “The peaches complement the berries and both taste wonderful nestled on a sweet, plain cake. This is a great choice to take along for a picnic, but it is also just right eaten on the back porch after the sun goes down. Try it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream—or maybe homemade peach ice cream.”

Thank you to the authors, and Happy July!

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