Down-to-Earth Dieting


10 Weight-Loss Tips from a Shaman

The first step in formulating a life-changing plan is to align with the advice of our Spirit Guides. Our own Spirit Guides are the source of the specific guidance that will work for each of us. If you’re not adept at hearing your Spirit Guide’s communications yet, then be aware of signs and symbols and suggestions around you. They will communicate with you in a way you can receive, if you are aware.

To create something new in my life, I realize I need to do something differently. The same old behavior will create the same result. So when making choices and decisions related to diet and exercise, I am overriding impulses that are connected with the past and making choices that connect me to the future.

My Spirit Guides have offered me these 10 tips:

1. Mantra: Joy is in the body. I move with Joy.
Joy is an idea in the mind. It is also an energy that flows through the body. I connect with my inner joy and live from it. Focusing on Joy in the body will create beauty in the body. Joy is naturally dynamic and encourages movement.
2. Mantra: I am Love. I eat Love.
3. I release stress and negativity with every step on the Earth.
4. I wash away the emotional traumas of living with water. I swim, I soak, I wash, I wade, I splash, I float.
5. I sleep at night.
6. I retreat, meditate, or day dream when my body signals a need for replenishment during the day.
7. Whenever ideas about weight come to mind, I respond to these old ideas by creating a positive image, specifically I visualize the numbers on the scale decreasing.
8. Whenever I see my reflection, I accept the image and visualize it shrinking to a comfortable, healthy size and shape.
9. I eat green and eat protein.

10.  I activate my will and intention to live comfortably with ease in a healthy, happy body.

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