Healing Tools for Finding Balance Point


For a shaman, stones and crystals, which are imbued with their natural, characteristic vibration, are tools that focus the intention of the user, the recipient, and their Spirit Guides for the recipient’s well-being.

Following the trends of the seasons and knowing when to retreat are important lessons to master, especially for a shaman. Being that this is the “bear den” time of winter, when we are less active and more conveniently reflective, I am strongly connected to the mineral dolomite.

Held in the left hand or placed on a nearby shelf in the room, dolomite brings me home. Ego evaporates, antsy-ness melts away, and my disparate yearnings shut down. Peace is aquiver, the sensation of a torn seam being stitched together—an open wound closed.

I am like the stone myself, brought to rest, vibrating stability. Calm. Right here. Right now. At a balance point rarely achieved. Not rushing to springtime—just here now—with the gift of winter. So simple, it makes me smile.

I envision a pond with crusty surface, dried stalks of riparian plants (sticks-in-the-mud) emerging from a white glaze of ice. Water is still. Plants are still. Inspiring rest.

As snow falls gently outside on these plants—further slowing routines—and dolomite hums its song of stillness from the shelf, I have nowhere to go, not yet.

Disclaimer: Spiritual and energy practices support the health, happiness, and well-being of the recipient. Sessions do not take the place of medical advice or treatment, but support and compliment medical care.

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