Late Autumn on the AT—AAH!

Two Miles at Hawksbill
Scarn and Scree

 Up close and personal with the woods today. Short hike on the AT after a night of rain. Moist underfoot. Quiet. Rock and moss, decaying logs, green leafy ferns, trees bare of leaves–naked in profile. Alone on the trail, one hears the mind, worries, wonder—silenced by the invitation for protection to take over. Then everything is a hum.

The normally rocky-to-smooth trail is interrupted by four scree crossings. Each hike has something to remember, so far, none more interesting than the crumbling side of Hawksbill Mountain.

The Trail Ahead

The Trail Further Ahead

Makes one curious …

What geologic action created this pointy megalith?

Refuge for faeries during the rain.

Heading home.



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