Enjoy Beauty Everywhere

P1020138 Beauty FINAL 300dpiNature has wisdom for those who listen.


The stone says: “I am Beauty. The beauty of mica you see in me is also in you.

You must know beauty inside yourself to recognize it elsewhere.

Rejoice in beauty, focus on beauty, and seek it everywhere and in everyone.

This is the mind of the wise ones–free of illusions.”

Beauty’s Inspiration

In beauty is an absence of antagonism.
In beauty is an absence of agitation.
Beauty is peaceful and perfect.
Beauty is within and in everything.
Learn to find it when it is hidden beneath the surface and coax it into the light of day.

Excerpted from the book “Rain Makes the Rocks Sing, Inspirations from Nature” by Louise M. Mitchell.

Surrender to the Beauty of Life

Surrender to the Beauty of Life

A Shaman’s Story

This is the story of a beautiful vision I had. Typical for receiving a vision, I was day-dreaming with music—not writing or editing, coaching or teaching, cooking or doing laundry, driving the car, or any other earthly task. Ceasing the routine of life, I was open and available—a healthy place to be several times each day. This gives the mind a rest and allows the creative muscle to exercise. As the saying goes, the writer staring out the window, is working. Writers and shamans are both dreamers, sharing the same reliance on the imagination, which is the doorway to creativity, journeying, and awe.

While in this detached, relaxed state of no effort, White Buffalo appeared eyeball to eyeball with me. Buffaloes are heavy, stout beasts with large eyes and dense fur. I felt her presence to be this way. The connection ‘in my face’ was a big, yet gentle greeting. It was unavoidable, undeniable, and unearthly. While grounding the experience of being eye to eye with a buffalo, I recalled the legend of the White Buffalo, as if having a white buffalo join me in my reverie was like running into a friend from long ago that instantly brought a flash of shared memories.

The White Buffalo is a special buffalo and portends a time of changes and blessings. Being white, this animal totem is associated with North on the Medicine Wheel, where elders and wise ones sit. White energy flared all around the animal image. She emerged white from white, as if she bounded through a cloud to reach me.

Being a shield-making shaman, I immediately placed the mental image of the buffalo in the center of a circle—the hoop of life—and imagined long, white feathers hanging from the hoop’s rim from West to South to East—as many as would fit to represent the bursting of white light.

I felt the pounding hooves, like a drum corps, shaking and vibrating beneath my feet—a call to wildness. Her magnetism was powerful, yet soft and beseeching. My breath caught again with the magic of the encounter. She succeeded in summoning me to attention and I was alert for the vision about to be delivered.

From the right side of my inner field of vision, a whale appeared. She swam partially submerged in the sea. Large, weighty, smooth, and gliding with the moon upon her back. A reflexive smile crosses my face. She was vivid and moved with comfort and ease into the water and disappeared. I glanced all around my field of vision to capture any and all details. Above was a clear sky. The water was deep ocean water, calm, and parting with the force of the whale beast. The moon was shining white and fully round. No other details. A simple image. And she was gone, into the depths of the sea, but her fleeting visit with the passenger Moon was captured. I was left to ponder what the vision meant as I sketched a full circle with the water, whale, and moon. That was a whole lot of exciting totem activity, I thought. It must be a special message.

Subsequently, during a meditation, a voice said, “Surrender.”

Oh boy, I thought. Here we go. The warrior who crashes through life, pushing and pushing, is not the nice companion that a warrior who surrenders is. Surrender is a strength, not a weakness. It is not really giving up control. It is a relinquishing, repositioning, and strategizing for forward movement.

“Surrender to what?” I dared to inquire, and I was glad I did. When I started having visions, it took a while before I thought to interact with them. It is helpful to get as much clarification as possible on the spot.

The voice said, “Surrender to the beauty of your life.”

Oh, I can do that! Doesn’t sound bad! The beauty of my life, huh? Great! Like what?

No answer.

Following through on an idea is a little harder than having the idea. Turns out I’m a little resistant to surrendering—letting go, not worrying or anticipating what could be, giving up the drive and control … With every activity, it is possible to experience the beauty of the moment, to receive the love, caring, and opportunity that each synchronistic moment offers. I say Om and Hallelujah to that, but am left with so many old habits to lose. Bring on the vultures! Let them eat up my old, useless habits. I’m ready for comfort and ease. Like the whale in the ocean; the moon in the sky.

In a fantasy of imagination, I straddle the whale, which isn’t easy to do, but in a fantasy, anything is possible. So, I’m atop the huge body of a she-whale and I feel her glide across the water. I have no reins. It is better than the carousel as a kid or Thunder Mountain at Disney. It is magical. No danger. No threat. No worry. Smooth sailing, laughing carried by this force of Nature beneath me.

That was fun. I could do that anytime. I’m encouraged to do that all the time. When the Geek Squad needs three sessions to fix the computer problem, when the numbers on the bathroom scale get higher rather than lower, when the anticipated phone call doesn’t sound—ride the whale. Be the butterfly—transform the irritating circumstance to beauty. Glide through it, rather than resisting. Fling it off. Bury your head in the wooly white blanket of buffalo hide. Moan and groan if you need to, but become tenacious in choosing to surrender.

Whale species are thought to be millions of years old and the largest creatures to live on the planet. They live in the open sea. In the shaman’s world of symbols and omens, the whale represents the history of humanity on Earth. It is said to carry the records of time and of each one of us, like a floating, external hard drive. In my vision, the feminine moon sat upon the back of whale. We cannot overlook the moon that rode serenely on the back of whale. What does the moon mean in the vision? The image was a fully-illuminated, complete circle of the moon. Illumination rides on the back of whale in the sea of life. I take it to mean, “Shine! Rely on your history and the wisdom and insight offered, to carry you through. All you have to do is surrender.”

No longer the spiritual warrior struggling with reality, struggling to be heard, struggling to help, but seeing and trusting the beauty of existence.

Many gifts await the warrior who surrenders to the flow. Not just talking about surrendering, studying it, writing about it, working for it—but being it.  Now. And now. And anon. As long as the buffalo hooves pound the drum of earthly life, it is right to recognize the beauty of life, glide like whale carrying the wisdom of the ages and shine like the full moon. Maybe this is good advice for you, too.

How do you interpret the vision? Share your ideas, esse@LaughingWatersWay.com.

Seeking Esse

Seeking Esse

Esse – n. (-s) – essential nature

Seeking Esse refers to seeking a connection with the essential nature of your being. It is your center, your essence. Cultivating esse brings understanding of the self, as well as the ability to recognize and receive the magic and creativity of life.

Tag this blog as a Favorite, and let me guide you to the bare essence and core of your being. Discover your unique capabilities and your way to express the light of your existence.

Shamans worldwide have one capability in common. We are visionaries and dreamers. Through visions and dreams, the invisible influences on life communicate their inspiration, information, wisdom, and guidance. Shamans dream. We’re a heady bunch and work hard to stay grounded in the cacophony of ordinary life. It is one of many challenges to master—one foot in the physical world, the other in the spiritual.

Walking in two worlds, a shaman brings healing to others and helps to balance the energy of Earth. This a shaman’s ultimate purpose.

While being a shaman has its challenges, there is no greater joy than the shaman’s life. Joy and love fill you—at times unexpectedly and you walk around wondering why you can’t stop smiling—and other times reliably when you invite Spirit’s healing hand to move through you to heal or help another.

Ah! I have written only a few sentences and interrupting my concentration are the shadows of five or six vultures floating through my field of vision. Looking up, I see the large-winged black birds unusually close, circling right over my patio retreat where I sit. Heeding the distraction, I stop writing, watch them, and wonder, Am I dead meat? Are you here for me? I have lots of living left to do, so don’t prey on me! Why are you here? In a moment, I know. They are here to help me, to take away the shadow from my activity—the hesitation of writing it, to unveil and inaugurate my first blog post. As soon as I realize this, they float off into the ethers taking their magic or their hunger to another.

This is a good example of how shamans are close to Nature. We look to Nature for clues and messages. Nature is always talking. While the vultures have moved on, a blue-tinged dragonfly (reminding us of the illusion of life), a tiger swallowtail (representing transformation), and a hummingbird (meaning joy) remain alighting on the Echinacea and honeysuckle. A cicada revs its engine on a nearby tree trunk calling out for a mate in the heat of a summer drought. The normally annoying mockingbird squawks a less irritating song today. How nice.

So, back to my story. Yes, I’m telling a story about shamans. Shamans are also often storytellers, sharing experiences from our lives. What we have lived is our truth and it is what we know. Not acquired from books or classrooms, but from life itself. Whoever hears or reads the shaman’s story is encouraged to find the lesson in it for him- or herself. The shaman is sharing experience for the benefit of others.

Many natural-born shamans have lived for eons, reincarnating on most of the continents as a man and as a woman in many cultures. We absorbed sacred and healing practices, wisdom, compassion, and dedication over these lifetimes, and we rely on that background. It wells up as inner connections to our souls and to Spirit. We just know things. We see things, sense things, and hear things.

We are surprised now and then to rediscover that not everyone does. That’s when we are reminded that our voice is needed. That is why some of us write and publish, speak and coach, and offer shield making—to help others discover the secrets and truths within themselves.

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While you may think that the natural state of being is 

somewhere between happiness and sadness,

consider that laughter is the natural state of being

and that beauty is the esse of existence.