Stone Love and Healing


Stones and crystals are of the Earth and emit vibrations that are healing and supportive to health and well-being. Not as a replacement for medical advice and prescribed drugs and treatment, but complimentary and supportive of our easily unbalanced, out-of-whack beings. I am completing a certification course in crystal healing and integrating crystals into my well-being program with new understanding.

For example, I created a little oasis for taking blood pressure readings with a potted plant (Nature) and a grouping of stones:
Ussingite (the big lavender stone) which is for hypertension, processing of carbs, and free radicals; Leucite (the one with something embedded in it) for hypertension; and stitchtite (purple ones) and sodalite (blue ones), both for hypertension. These stones emit a vibration that supports normal blood pressure.

Not only do the stones do their work naturally, but whenever I see the stone set, I am reminded of my intention for full health. We all know, especially the shamans in the audience, that it’s all about intention. What do we want to create? What do we intend for yourself? What we think, we create is the sage, old saying, and whatever we’re thinking is out there in our aura.

Living holistically means that many old and familiar habits, patterns, and commitments melt away. For me, the relationship with Nature fills into the spaces, replacing burden, woe, and stress–and who knows, maybe one day hypertension that came with them.

I’ll be selling my stone book-and-card set, RAIN MAKES THE ROCKS SING, and FEET UPON THE EARTH on November 18, 10 am – 4 pm, with other authors of Blue Ridge Writers at City Space in downtown Charlottesville, VA. Stop by for a stone chat!

Autumn on the Appalachian Trail – AAH!


October 19, 2016 – Two Miles Ending at Pocosin Fire Road

A easy Trail day, my mind was free to wander and appreciate the change of seasons that surrounded—yellow and gold leaves on trees and underfoot. Acorns peppered the ground. It was a warm day, though, sweat poured and the gnats swarmed—thought they were gone for this year, but they are still here. Feet felt great in new socks.

Immediately after entering the Trail, at eye level, was a colorful colony of mushrooms growing on the side of a host tree like a happy family.

Passed two other hikers, otherwise alone on the Trail. One determined and pacing. The other running with a dog. Everyone seeking the esse of being on the Trail.

Happy Trails,



Wild Mushroom Family


The Trail Ahead