The Earth Sings to Those Who Hear

Excerpted from my book, Rain Makes the Rocks Sing, Inspirations from Nature.

Venturing deep into your relationship with nature, you can discover that the Earth sings for you! Indeed, technology and media can be good sources of information. So, too is the web of wisdom woven through nature.


Stone 33: Sings Praise

I found this stone on a creek side trail at a local waterfall. It has a diagonal line of white quartz across the “forehead,” two eyes, three dots for a mouth, and a nose that resembles the numeric 5. It is rough, tumbled, and formed of feldspar. I took the 5 as a big hint and asked, “Are you the fifth of a five-note scale?”

Yes, I am
The note A-flat,
Singing tones
Of the Third Eye,
Vision of
The Light that
Dwells within.
Water, wind,
Earth, fire and wood.
Five elements, five notes,
Weaving the song
Of the Earth.
Singing praise
For the Light
That dwells within.

The Stone’s Inspiration: Praise Your Own Existence

Seek the Light that dwells within you. This journey, alone, defines a great life. Connect with the five elements and five notes. Let nature inspire you. Your awakening is what the Earth asks of you and what the human race needs now. Wake up your vision. With insight, awaken to the Light streaming through your heart.

See with your sixth sense, intuition, third eye (the fifth note). Sense your true beauty and the beauty of your message. Glow, shine, and transform. Become a warrior of the Light, living prideful and free-spirited at the pace of the Earth.

Find the flow of the five elements and five notes. It can carry and support you in this lifetime and through all time.

–May the music and voices of the stones awaken the Light within and fill you with joy.


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