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Louise M. Mitchell, Author/Facilitator/Shaman, Certified Reiki Practitioner and Certified Crystal Practitioner located north of Charlottesville, VA.

One day Spirit said, "You are a shaman. Trained by life." Suddenly, I felt okay not having Ph.D. credentials in psychic powers. I am what I am, because I am it, not because I studied it. I felt harmonious with life and all of existence. Challenges, failures, disappointments all made sense. They were training me to know the measure of strength and to persevere--to keep flowing.

The Voice of Wisdom Woven through Nature

Laughing Waters Way is the portal to Louise M. Mitchell (spirit name Laughing Waters) author, facilitator, and shaman. Louise facilitates her clients on the path to enlightenment working with Nature, art, and writing. She says, "The internet, TV, radio, and phone are good sources of information. So too is the voice of wisdom woven through Nature." The natural world is a reflection of what we need to know, abundant with signs, symbols, and messages.

Interpreting Life

With a degree in art history, I studied the greatest creations of humanity over the ages. I learned how to see and interpret symbols. I understood that I need to expect impeccability of myself. With a career in writing and marketing, I learned to share my insight through writing. With my curiosity in the unseen world, I developed the ability to see, as well as hear, sense, and feel.

How I Work

Creatives and sensitives like me are always evolving in how we work. At this time, I work with seekers to help them progress on the wheel of life to find their true face and to release what is not needed for the future. Through meditation, we seek visions that support the journey. Through writing and publishing, I reach out to all of humanity. Through crystal work and Reiki, we polish your shine.

Flow through life like the Laughing Waters in the creek



Listen to Reading of TheEchoWorld Article

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Listen to Reading of TheEchoWorld Article

 Oh, my wonderful friends Sophia Axelsson and Michael Langevin (owners/editors of TheECHOWorld news) created a video reading of my April art...

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Becoming the Gem You Are

One-on-one sessions indoors or out, as well as work on the table with crystal healing, chakra balancing, and reiki, are guided by Spirit.  We work at your pace on the inner work you are ready for. Spirit always bestows extra gifts that move you toward greater well-being. 


A Shaman Can

Clear energy from a parcel of land or building, as well as from human beings. A shaman can channel Spirit, see into the source of a problem, communicate with Nature and directly with Spirit, teach lightheartedness, laughter, and body-mind-spirit balance.

What you know about yourself is your protection.

Meditations and Shield Making

Awesome doesn't begin to describe the shield-making experience! Louise facilitates your receiving, interpreting, and rendering in a hoop the vision and inspiration Spirit gives to each participant. A one-day vision quest that arms you with a vision for your life and a reflection of your true self. 


Feet Upon the Earth

Humorous stories from my spiritual journey pursuing the sense that there is more to life than meets the eye. Travel the continents through the ages to know the soul. Discover connections with Spirit that are practical, protective, and inspiring. Turn every stone, look in every ordinary moment and therein lies the magic

Deck of 33 Stone Cards and Book

Rain Makes the Rocks Sing

Like a rock whisperer, Louise hears the voice of Universal guidance in stones that awakens the Light within and encourage body-mind-spirit balance. The book/card set is going into its third printing. (Deck of 33 color cards and book) 

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